Jessica O. Marsh


Did you tell her the true answer was plenty                                                       
Did you tell her inversely did you tell cruelty

Slanted and accurate cruelty was it questions                                                    
Where is the question jointed to extension

Was she creeping on the forest floor deciding                                                    
Who adds a week of silence to their own world

In what world is she wishing only decrease                                                      
From paradise flops the dark embroidered dream book

Who is making themselves unhappy in the galleries                                           
May I copy my thousand names more slowly

Under the silent surface and under plexi                                                          
Did you describe the arc of withheld plenty

Will you take some content in your content                                                       
What system have you been checking in with

Do you full reaction do you speak in tone                                                          
Why is your echo full of thorns

Blue green grace and trigger                                                                            
Will you fan the gesture with the prestige

No way that gesture’s fitting in the shelter                                                        
Contours of fluxus run below the comments

In what world is she wishing only decrease                                                       
Is the silence bleached upon the white noise

Did you tell her truth resembles five                                                                 
How much does this rejection cost


Jessica O. Marsh resides in Long Island

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