Caylin Capra-Thomas

February 28, 2016

Fold I’m ill-equipped for my weather. A thin-skinned fruit. All bruise. Someone feeds me peels but I hoard them in the corner & make a nest. I take a pill smaller than a peppercorn so […]

Erika L. Sanchez

February 28, 2016

Erika L. Sánchez is a poet, essayist, and fiction writer. She is the author of poetry collection Lessons on Expulsion (Graywolf 2017) and the young adult novel Brown Girl Problems (Knopf 2017). Her poetry  has been published in Guernica, diode, Boston Review, POETRY Magazine. She has also […]

Richie Hofmann

February 24, 2016

They said there was a garden
filled with the remains of two thousand infants.
Unspeakable. […]

Anna Claire Hodge

February 24, 2016

My manicured nails shock pink
against the double clear of a tumbler

of vodka. Your canoe-carrying
hands, the bitten nubs, cradle swirled

blown glass. You suck at it like
a giving nipple, blow the sweet whorls

Terrell Jamal Terry

February 24, 2016

On figures almost faceless, light rips through light. Trees are trimmed to nearly unseen thinness with this increasing distance. […]

Tyler Gillespie

February 24, 2016

In this down south gay bar, leather jacket men stand w/ arms crossed. Trade, he walks by, walks by & holds glances. For a $5 cover charge, we all agree: push hand away if NO & hold gaze, jerk head if you’re down for whatever. & I do mean for whatever. […]

Alison C. Rollins

February 21, 2016

Venus Hottentot in a convex mirror
an interior coagulation of disembodiment.

They say that men are more visual & it
is true I can’t see myself from behind.

Can’t curate the archives of these cave walls
paintings drawn with moist fingers and firm hands. […]

Lauren Yates

February 18, 2016

He whistles the punchline through thorn-sharp teeth:
“Shadrach, Meshach, and a Bad Negro.” […]

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