Marina Blitshteyn

a cricket

i am a cricket now
in a crevice of ur room
i want to be a cute cricket
a creaking floor board cricket
a crank in a faucet cricket
a crash of a dish in the sink

i want to sing to u my cricket
my green love green green cricket
and quote to u my croaks
from the green green skin of my heart
a cricket chamber heart
a crate of blood pumped through

i am a whisper of a cricket now
a careful carcass of a cricket
sprawled across ur bedroom floor
a cranky stripe of a cricket
a stipple of gore, a crust
a husk of a cricket shell
stripped of its call

Marina BlitshteynMarina Blitshteyn is the author of 4 published or forthcoming chapbooks: Russian for Lovers (Argos Books), Nothing Personal (Bone Bouquet Books), $kill$ (dancing girl press), Sheet Music (Sunnyoutside Press). Her writing can be found in No, Dear Magazine, CutBank, The Berkeley Poetry Review, 1913, Apogee Journal, and the &NOW AWARDS 3 anthology of best innovative writing. She works as an adjunct instructor of composition and literature.

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