Peter Mason

March 20, 2016

New work by Peter Mason plus a conversation between Peter and Phillip B. Williams. […]

Jennifer Givhan

March 20, 2016

is that what they see
burns imprints in the light

so when I close them there are shadows
the shapes of what I cannot lid […]

Emily Paige Wilson

March 16, 2016

Steam, like a savior, rises over water.
Laying in the blue, older women bathe.
Heads back, necks golden and open, […]

Alban Fischer

March 16, 2016

Everything’s transcendence. It’s a problem.
Though I’ve tried to come back down, to be an animal again,
it doesn’t take: The afterlife’s a living shame. […]

Stephanie Bryant Anderson

March 16, 2016

  Stephanie Bryant Anderson lives in Clarksville, TN, where she attends Austin Peay State University as an English major. She edits Red Paint Hill Poetry Journal. Her first poetry collection, Monozygotic | Co-dependent will be […]

Kaveh Akbar

March 13, 2016

Without the benefit of fantasy
I can’t promise I’ll be of any use.

Left to the real world I tend
to swell up like roots in the rain,

tend to get all lost in hymns
and astrology charts. Lately

Left to the real world I tend
to swell up like roots in the rain, […]

Mary Jean Murphy

March 11, 2016

Lauren had big tits, swollen and weighted down with bologna-sized areolas, like she’d been waiting a very long time for someone to milk her. Maybe it was her tits, maybe it was the pink ribbon tied in a bow around her neck, but the sight of her made me want to moo. […]

Kyle Vaughn

March 11, 2016

Early mornings, I carry the fat suit
to toilet and water.
Make a disguise out of tiny typed lines.
Pretend my fingers in a circle are glasses. […]

Kathryn Haemmerle

March 11, 2016

Children bind cicadas to cement with tape, and we stand nearby. Bulbous bodies. Beneath scotch tape, males flex tymbals in their abdomens. Drum-organs pulsate and hum like warnings. […]

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