Luther Hughes

March 11, 2016

remember your own.
your wrists engulfed
in his as he snatches
you from living
room to kitchen. next time
do as i say.

Emily Koehn

March 6, 2016

I am almost you but you
are the winner. You’ve plucked
the vines in front of you full
and applauded. […]

Marty McConnell

March 2, 2016

My white heart sits at a distance from itself hearing
the news, murder on murder, starlings
dropped from an iron sky, […]

Quenton Baker

March 2, 2016

DRIP for George Stinney, Jr. It’s a fine spring day. Not too hot, no rain. Two scoops of Alcolu’s finest sweet cream just for you, little man. Take your time, enjoy the fat chill of […]

Lucia LoTempio

March 2, 2016

She wears dresses how you’d palm egg yolks: blood-orange
convex cells soft pruning palm-lines. […]

T.A. Burkholder

March 2, 2016

She couldn’t see or feel it yet, but it was there. All that wet wanting to exhale from the sky. I’m walking fast because it’s about to pour. She had the explanation, the dismissive yet biting tone all ready before she got past the school parking lot. In her head, it was perfect. But on her tongue, it was useless. She’d never use it. She’d never say a thing. […]

Airea D. Matthews wins Yale Younger Poets Prize

March 1, 2016

Series judge Carl Phillips says: “Rebellion is the first word that comes to mind, when reading simulacra, Airea Matthews’s rollicking, destabilizing, at once intellectually sly and piercing and finally poignant debut. The main rebellion here […]

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