Breauna L. Roach

May 29, 2016

And here I am again
asking myself how
a Negro spiritual
about liberation
came to be a term for
naïve hopefulness […]

Casey Thayer

May 29, 2016

New work plus an interview with Phillip B. Williams
bullet: what thunder, teeth / in the threat, / blade in the sheath, / blood-letter bought / over the counter as easy as aspirin, an Oxy, / to take into the body, / what the deed / leaves, a hand that reaches / across the field’s divide, / snake coiled in the warren, / mole mazing the loam, / what the body carries, / what’s left / of the fire, […]

Willy Palomo

May 25, 2016

They look like tortillas
& yanquis can’t tell the difference

entre mexicano y guanaco,
entrées como accents y pimienta. […]

Linda Ashok

May 25, 2016

She comes from a village of India
eating gourds that birds eat for fever […]

Becca Shaw Glaser

May 22, 2016

Beautiful I said but didn’t mean it
of course I didn’t it had a huge pink flange at the top like a flopping squid
and lay against his belly […]

D.A. Lockhart

May 11, 2016

Night comes on too swiftly
in the dusk that hides behind
hundreds of wind turbines,
slow red embers igniting […]

Tanya Muzumdar

May 11, 2016

On Forester Pass we shot the shit, crowing to those who didn’t know us, avatars of who we wanted to be. Can- dies crushed to confetti in our packs, bragging about where we lived. We […]

Nkosi Nkululeko

May 11, 2016

You would’ve had to have been there to see the moon,
bloody as a hemorrhage, beneath the sky, stars scattered
like chippings of bones. So odious it had to be elegant,
hung in the dark’s net, me below the celestial bulb. […]

Wale Owoade

May 4, 2016

Falling soldiers and a shoulder
painted the wall red. My dreams

broke the midnight. A dancing body
dressed in fire, the voice of bullets […]

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