Momtaza Mehri

August 31, 2016

Brando is nowhere to be found. He’s a rust of a man, most of the time.
Air too lush and still plump with his gel-scent, all his gelatine-smooth.
This hall misses him like an emptied palm. Too bad. […]

Michelle Bitting

August 31, 2016

I thought of you today
from the corner of the classroom
near the terrarium tank
where a Chilean Rose-Haired Tarantula hides […]

Megan Peak

August 28, 2016

Ice winked its white eye, slick
and aggressive. I wore kitten

heels. I felt pretty. I didn’t mind […]

Katie Hibner

August 24, 2016

When I strove for soldier poetics, I strove for canistered ghosts to fire down the shampoo aisle. […]

Ari Wolff

August 24, 2016

Palmsweat rests lightly

on my shoulder. I know

when to talk, when to dig. […]

Let Me Get Carefree Unless It Means I Live In This Political Body And Everything Is Always On Fire Or How I Went To A Santigold Concert To Get Carefree Anyway

August 17, 2016

It’s a Sunday evening, unseasonably warm for April in Chicago, and I’m standing in line with my partner to see Santigold (read: to get my life). The tickets were $30, and before my edges were snatched by Beyonce and Rihanna, Santigold’s clap back and riot-like anthems amplified the kind of woman and artist I wanted to be. I needed to get away. […]

C Derick Varn

August 17, 2016

Against the sun, there nothing but glare the critical
essay writes itself blind spots the politics of young
alienated boys cheerleading an every day atrocity […]

Kimberly Ann Southwick

August 17, 2016

city why when I am with you are we always drinking when I like you better when we are not drinking          is it you    are you maybe always drinking because when someone is drinking    I want to […]

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