Jeremy Casabella

Sleeping with Lit Cigarettes

Last October half the wind grew refrigerate.
We left the door open and a fog

wandered its condensate on our walls.
The furniture got cold, we dreamt ice-skates

in the kitchen where a bowl of tangerines sat cherry
bright on white linoleum, in offering

as its noonlight shivered from the credenza
of evidence any of us wasn’t that

boiler of sober worms’s
mischievous achievement,

a chimeral midday lava of blanche dolor
fast-fomenting into eve outside.

Jeremy CasabellaJeremy Casabella lives in Bakersfield, CA where he teaches English literature and composition. He writes short stories, poetry, and pwoermds. His most recent poems have appeared in Eclipse Literary Journal, Shot Glass, Route 7, and The Ekphrastic Review. His pwoermding is featured in the anthology The Wisdoms of the Universes in a Single String of Letters from Xexoxial Editions, and on Twitter: @JCasabella1.

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