Nikia Chaney

preliminary versions

                                                                                                something kind
                                                                                                          of kinky
                                                                                                about the next
                                                                                    draft.    the mark.    the coming
                                                                                heretical in the lay
                                                                     of each letter.
                                                                      pencil all raised
                                                                          and crossed.
                                                                    ready.    fat circles
                                                                                       thin.   a
                                                                                            hinge. wry.
                                                                                                      a   whipped slant.
                                                                                                 skin in tapped vows.
                                                                             rhymed whines.   verbs
                                                                               hymned.   thighs crimped.
                                                                                   set.  a cock break
                                                                                              of each
                                                                      word.   as if win is ready
                                                                         to wax and wet
                                                            the next black
                                                                         x.   the shiny
                                                        curve all scribbled
                                                                  over.   tomorrow.   next
                                                                          told.   next tine.   a debt
                                                            a find send
                                                                in deep,
                                                             of  hide.  the next
                                                      now.   an erase. a rub.
                                                      a down.
                                                               await. it
                                                                         soon to be

Nikia ChaneyNikia Chaney is a poet from the Inland Empire of California. She is author of two books of poetry, Sis Fuss (2012, Orange Monkey Publishing) and ladies, please (2012, Dancing Girl Press). Nikia’s poetry has been published in Iowa Review, Portland Review, Saranac Review, 491, Pearl, Sugar House Review, Welter, Blackberry Magazine, and Badlands. She is founding editor of shufpoetry, an online journal for experimental poetry, and founding editor of Jamii Publishing, a publishing imprint dedicated to fostering community among poets and writers. She has won grants from the Barbara Demings Fund for Women, Poets & Writers, and Cave Canem. She teaches at San Bernardino Valley College.

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