Robert Andrew Perez

the day you drink two

you wish a life with a little room     for happiness
like you picture the sky       purged of light
pollution    so you can see at last the stars
for what they are    brilliant ghosts
are what we are to each other

what we misread    in ourselves
the rake taken to the rain-
naked october ground

you imagine a life bald of seasons
a california life    full of ripe fruit
with vitamins, juice    with sun, with sleep
a slaked life you no longer pay      to keep

in this existence    i am here for you
in the other too bright, i stay despite

Robert Andrew Perez lives in Berkeley and is an associate editor and book designer for speCt! in Oakland, where he also curates readings. He is an alum of the Lambda Literary fellowship and a recipient of the Lannan Literary Award for poetry. His poetry has appeared in print and online in publications such as DIAGRAM, The Awl, The Laurel Review and The Cortland Review. His first collection, the field, was published with Omnidawn in their pocket book series. He is currently writing a movie about a divorce and wine tasting; it’s a comedy.


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