Marlin M. Jenkins

February 15, 2017

             some days       I am both the joker and thief
lying to myself            hiding
                                    my hands cradling
the stacked stones                  collecting their dust […]

Derrick Weston Brown

February 15, 2017

Your body will not pucker and spoil
today, tonight,
I will not claim it.
I will not seek it
cold        frozen. […]

Leah Claire Kaminski

February 15, 2017

my little nubbins are truest buttons, fuchsia-shiny, squat; skew
slewing over my pot, from my weak limbs faster […]

Shakeema Smalls

February 5, 2017

dirty words are manufactured, too. this should be considered when getting buggered by a scientific socialist. her locs long enough to tickle the strap-on — extended-praise — […]