Shakeema Smalls


dirty words are manufactured, too. this should be considered when getting buggered by a scientific socialist. her locs long enough to tickle the strap-on — extended-praise — she promised it would be worth it, what…with it not covered by warranty. so, even if it ::feels good::

                                            finding alternative ways to fuck
is a means to proletariat revolution.

the one where we throw all the straps, mango backwoods, & plastic ankhs in the gutters. peace is an egregious kind of love. who knows if it’s me or this bruise hollering? either way, i’ve learned to love the way it calls me out of my name.

Shakeema Smalls is from Georgetown, South Carolina by way of Brooklyn, New York. Her work has been published in a variety of outlets including Blackberry: A Magazine, Tidal Basin Review, The Feminist Wire, The Fem, and Free Black Space, with upcoming work in Sugared Water 005.

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