Paula Cisewski

March 22, 2017

A songbird’s convoluted vocabulary stalls every

sad line of thought. Distraction is no great difficulty. […]

Taylor Johnson

March 19, 2017

There is much to do. The room is red
because we are indecent. The light gives
me up. I’ve made myself at home: I sit on your porch, […]

Maja Lukic

March 15, 2017

How like a piece of leather or purse strap was that snake
on its path to the sea when my father lowered the stone […]

Jessica Edwards

March 15, 2017

how much sleep is normal
at what point will my bed springs shake and snap under the constant pressure of my limp limbs […]

Lisa Low

March 1, 2017

I peer into fish eyes like eight-balls.
I steal flamingo-colored candy. I carry […]

Dustin Pearson

March 1, 2017

Of course it’s in part a good thing.
There’s hardly any room.
Everything inside it is a weapon. […]

Scott Beal

March 1, 2017

what are the dragons of sleep.
how many parts of my body can be awake at once?
if my tongue rises does my liver drowse? […]