Jordan Hoxsie


god raked the clouds this morning // have you noticed
// everything molding // into pasteurized colors //
some angels have cannonballed // down to earth
through the folds // just for the hell of it //
and here we are // bowing before the appliances
// making a hot mess with our voices // born in tandem //
clothes transparent // to breed a thick militia

Jordan Hoxsie lives in Burbank, CA. They are the founder of the independent press Varsity Goth, the Social Media Editor for Reality Beach, and the author of the poetry mini-chapbooks cry lightning (Ghost City Press, 2016), you walk exposed (self-published, 2016), and goth gospel (self-published, 2016). Their work has been featured in Effervescent Mag, Uut Poetry, Fuck Art, Let’s Dance!, and elsewhere. They tweet @jordanhoxsie.

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