Kevin Riel

May 17, 2017

Such gumption arrives noisy—
these sinuses, notions of territory
hoisted and collapsing with tiny reports […]

Florencia Varela

May 14, 2017

I agree it’s hard to make a life here.
The song doesn’t live
past seven folds, stays gaslit. […]

Alex Vigue

May 10, 2017

sleeping alone
acrylic dust coughing my throat
fingernail posts splitting like thirsty pine trunks

Suzi F. Garcia

May 10, 2017

in her fruit hat, & that’s no banana b/c no one here is happy
to see me. B/c I’m taking it all— […]

Nick Stanovick

May 10, 2017

Rain and rain and something close to living

The radio hums but it’s the silence we listen to […]

Gbenga Adesina

May 3, 2017

I give you my rain,
the dark verbs and clatter from which there is no returning.

I give you my invented silence […]

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