Zaphra Stupple

havenwyck hospital part 2

my tears tighten the noose. she reads from the packet. something about a point system. be good, she says. be good and you’ll get vending machine privileges. I have to bring money for candy if I want it. the room is grey and soft as baby food. the nurse closes the curtain. tells me to strip. asks where my scars are. says I’ll be here for a few days. nothing to worry about.

my tears        the noose. she reads              something          a point system be good                be good and you’ll                   want it.                        grey and soft             close the curtain.            strip.    here my scars say                   nothing

           the noose       reads           be good           you’ll      want it.                                        close     curtain.         strip.                                 say                        nothing

Zaphra Stupple is a poet and multimedia artist living in Michigan. Her work can be found in The Offing and Hermeneutic Chaos, and is forthcoming in HEArt Journal. Her first book There Will Still Be The Body is forthcoming from Red Beard Press.

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