Jasmine C. Bell

Letter to my body after having consensual sex

                            Dear ocean,

I wanted you small
                                             but then you would not be the ocean.
I scorned the way
your waves tripped
along the shore.
                                             O clumsy tide,
                                             touch the earth
                                             and pull some back
                                             for safekeeping.
A friend tells me
we know
nothing about
the depths.
                                             How have we been together so long
                                             and i am just now learning
                                             how deep your currents run?
It doesn’t matter
that I didn’t
know him.
                                             He asked for furious waters,
                                             asked to hear you moan;
                                             so you showed him how loud
                                             the sea becomes in a storm.

How amazing
                                                                                                           that you only show
                                                                                                           your bluest whirlpools
                                                                                                           to those that ask.

Jasmine C. Bell is a poet and artist in Austin, Texas. She currently attends the University of Texas with plans to major in psychology and minor in Mandarin Chinese. She was a member of the UT Spitshine slam poetry team that went to CUPSI from 2015-2017, and will coach the 2018 team. She is currently Co-President of Sptishine. In 2016, Jasmine also competed in the Rustbelt Poetry Slam. She was a Write Bloody chapbook contest finalist in 2017 and has been published in Monstering Magazine and Apricity Magazine.

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