Mingpei Li

January 17, 2018

the underside of the striatum hides a marbled effect.
recall fire-gilding pork belly, volatile drops of fat lingering in your hair […]

John Sibley Williams

January 17, 2018

Copper wiring: sheetrock: dust: ash. But no alcove, money: scrolls: relics of an era aged into worth. & not one body. Our skeletons are our own. […]

Lynn Melnick

January 14, 2018

A poem from Landscape with Sex and Violence and an interview with Lynn Melnick. […]

Jasmine C. Bell

January 3, 2018

                            Dear ocean,

I wanted you small […]

Lisa Mecham

November 26, 2017

While men get war or office work, women
must carve out space for unhappiness
at home, in carpools, on playground benches. […]

Alan C Pelaez Lopez

November 22, 2017

before the crossing1 our family could understand the whispers of the water2. we bathed our cuerpos morenos as if we we were holy […]

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