Jory Mickelson

July 24, 2016

There is nothing left to tell
about the watch I kept,

regularly irregular, the hands
reached to strike. My flinching, […]

Devon Wootten

July 17, 2016

the war is so lurid that everything else is dull.
a great watery animal breaking itself on the rocks, […]

Lisa Fay Coutley

June 26, 2016

or ringworm which I refuse to allow
myself to Google Image hell
it took me ten years to allow myself
to consider how old you’d be now […]

F. Douglas Brown

June 12, 2016

my mother down the hall fast like a train
or a bus blurting away her sprint turned

to tears:—and then into drops
of shit a trail of shit […]

Jonathan Jacob Moore

June 5, 2016

i am fed to pretend that i believe in ghosts
they want to make a terrified thing out of this great dane
like we the same species
do you know how it feels to eat yourself […]

Breauna L. Roach

May 29, 2016

And here I am again
asking myself how
a Negro spiritual
about liberation
came to be a term for
naïve hopefulness […]

Becca Shaw Glaser

May 22, 2016

Beautiful I said but didn’t mean it
of course I didn’t it had a huge pink flange at the top like a flopping squid
and lay against his belly […]

Lisa Dordal

May 1, 2016

The history of rain
is the history of hands—

gods in low hills,
holding thunder […]

Saara Myrene Raappana

March 27, 2016

Letter To my Teenaged Self: You Are a House, You Are a Hammer, You’re the Momentum of the Nail. In many ways you’ll always pull on boots to rise from bed and walk from room […]

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