Amy Marengo

July 5, 2017

We’re one zygote begging / for ejection that stops / this growth / this hunger / for snowglobed life // […]

Laura Bylenok

June 28, 2017

Season of lysis and low sun.
Season of lies. I smoked
a pack of wolves. First frost […]

Oyin Oludipe

June 28, 2017

Omo ìyá—
He calls me this, with coarse
Drum syllables, fine-mannered […]

Brittany Rogers

June 21, 2017

I looked at my Aunt Sarah skin;
my stay out the sun-
You already an eclipse-face. […]

Paul Crenshaw

June 21, 2017

Brian wouldn’t stay dead,
days when we gathered together,
fingers forming triggers, […]

Ajise Vincent

June 21, 2017

yester night, they bared their skins of everything,
of clothes & worries. from the crown of their head
to the sole of their feet, naked. two bodies, […]

Mackenzie Berry

June 14, 2017

Blood oranges taste the sweetest,
how they drip red down a chin without a cut, […]

Andrew Collard

June 14, 2017

Where the grass is tall enough to whip
and a mailbox covered with faded stickers
lies sideways in the gravel, roadside— […]

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