Leah Claire Kaminski

February 15, 2017

my little nubbins are truest buttons, fuchsia-shiny, squat; skew
slewing over my pot, from my weak limbs faster […]

Cheswayo Mphanza

January 18, 2017

I do believe you Teddy Pendergrass;
I too have been on the rope-a-dopes

of love, soaking in fists from women
who do not believe a man can be down, […]

Corey Van Landingham

January 18, 2017

Because there had to be one woman who first loved a man. Let’s call her X.

Because X started it.

Because I can’t imagine her face. […]

Ross White

January 18, 2017

Photographs of the waterskiing versions of us,
the ones who went to Machu Picchu & Chunchucmil,
the selfish & long-haired & parasailing us, […]

Stevie Edwards

January 12, 2017

There is an absence of lemon. Dark, dark as roots, as earth. It is the tongue’s earth, coats the swallowing. Coats are because we need more fur. […]

John Sibley Williams

January 12, 2017

held together by wild oceans,
grassed over rail tracks,
whiskey and brief churches,

your interior untamed […]

Maura Pellettieri

January 12, 2017

a friend of mine, said,
Death is painless, even for me. He wore
all the words, some sleeves
no one had ever heard, […]

Talin Tahajian

January 4, 2017

Different cities glow different colors in the rain Throwing up in bathroom stalls My leather jacket & cold February wind Shades of black so dark they’re purple Cities glow different colors in the dark Night […]

Shamar Hill

January 4, 2017

When you wrote his obituary
& chose the photos did you think of me? […]

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