Volume 11, October 2014


Fall 2014

Dear Readers,
We are in the midst of some exciting changes.

First of all, we have moved to a regular submission calendar and will be accepting prose and poetry submissions for future issues during the months of March, July, and November.

Soon we will begin a website and content redesign that will allow for additional features including weekly content. Our commitment to offering a breadth of voice and heart in the work will remain the same and we will continue to offer full issues (to release in February, June, and October every year) but we also want to bring in more along the lines of essays, interviews and features. Keep an eye out in our newsletter as well as twitter and facebook for announcements and updates!  

We have had ten brilliant covers from Allie Kelley and are so so SO thankful for her incredible generosity and astonishing talent. Allie’s work has added so much to our presence and design including our fearless "Blue Buck" who will remain with us through our redesign.

The cover for Vinyl 11 is by Edward Murray and titled “Vinyl.” Go figure! You can catch more of his work at
For the forthcoming issues we will be considering art for cover submissions. Check out Submittable for details.

If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to sign up for updates and news from Vinyl and YesYes Books here

We hope you enjoy Vinyl 11. Mark Derks, Phillip B. Williams, John Mortara, and I sure did have fun putting it together for you. And finally, but in no way least, huge thanks go out to the amazing contributors who are sharing their work through this issue.

Rock on and make art!

KMA Sullivan
Editor-in-Chief, Vinyl Poetry
Publisher, YesYes Books