Volume 1, August 2010



Thomas Patrick Levy
Addict When We Were a Blind Melon Song This is a Poem About the Way You Move
Sasha Fletcher
these stars like so many low flying planes all the tired horses i got worries i got troubles
Joseph Young
Sam Pink
Rob MacDonald
On Consciously Dumbing Down Daily Life Snapple Flavors of the Past Living in an Apartment Building
Nate Slawson
you are six flags you are cherry now and later’s® you are 1992
Melissa Broder
Fugazi Shame Can I Follow You Like a Monkey Trainer? Seventh Grade
Matt Hart
Siren Effusion Poem Eventually We All Go Windmill
Kristy Bowen
coyotes of lakeshore drive how to re-imagine your life through mythological characters havoc
Ben Mirov
July 28th 2009, 1:08 PM Written by a Method I Call Being a Jerk Ribbon
JoAnn Balingit
Hymn Treaty at Herring Point
Anne Marie Rooney
Alice, leaving the Caterpillar Barb Pastoral Elegy in which I suffer nothing
Andrea Cohen
Garnish Explication of Text
Adrian Matejka
Cocaine Blues
Franz Wright
Goodbye The Writing

Grocery List

Jeff Mann
Bob Hicok
Julianna Baggott