Volume 10, July 2014



Annmarie O’Connell
The five o’clock shadow wears white overalls
Keith S. Wilson
World gurning championship
Safia Elhillo
Sudan Today. Nairobi: University of Africa, 1971. Print. the lovers
John James
Heirloom (Wreck) Elegy (Eulogy) Snow Logic
Destiny Birdsong
Michelle Whittaker
Meditations on Pollock’s Troubled Queen
Hanif Abdurraqib
When We Were 13, Jeff’s Father Left The Needle Down On A Journey Record Before Leaving The House One Morning And Never Coming Back The Author Explains good kid, m.A.A.d. City To His White Friend While Driving Through Southeast Ohio
Meg Day
Aubade for an Accomplice On Nights When I Am Always Almost a Mother On Nights When We Are Two Horses Racing Toward the Edge of a Cliff, or Another Lesbian Was Stabbed Last Night on State Street
Hieu Minh Nguyen
Arian Katsimbras
A Soft Fugue
Eve Jones
Aftermath We Have So Little Time The Claim
Peter LaBerge
Dream in a Discarded Room Polaroid Gladiolus
Sean DesVignes
Khadijah Queen
Pope.L Ode I couldn’t have been anyone else in 2006


Nathan Blake
Where the Rock Meets the Road
Airea D. Matthews