Volume 11, October 2014



zakia henderson-brown
A Thousand More negative space “Man Explains Why He Leaped into Tiger’s Den”
Rachel J. Bennett
Prototype for Impermanence No, You Are Not the Ship That Changed Course to Find Me
Sam Sax
Poem About The Moon
t’ai freedom ford
don’t you know no good?
MRB Chelko
End Be
Joel Minor
Right of Way, Lay of Left
Jacob Victorine
It’s Like There’s Ash Everywhere
Jamie North
Highway of Consequence
D.M. Aderibigbe
New Hell
francine j. harris
How to take down an altar
Christopher Klingbeil
athenaeum eremites canary colony
Carly Joy Miller
He Leaves Me to Run Horses Lost Girl Wails Swan Song
Claire Cronin
Gathering the Darlings
Brian Simoneau


Trevor Fuller
A Real World Application of Symmetric Dyadic Relations
Kayla Pongrac
Since You Won’t Talk to Me, I’m Going to Talk at You; While I’m Doing So, I Invite You to Take a Seat on My Couch and, Here, Have a Piece of Gum
Anna Saikin
Fingal’s Cave