Volume 2, November 2010



Phillip B. Williams
Southern Comfort Amaretto Sour What Remains Body is Oblivion
Angela Veronica Wong
dear johnny i would have sent you this text New York Boys I Miss Kissing Your Faces in the Backseat of Cabs
Gary L. McDowell
from The Travel of Romance
Jason Koo
Empty Orchestra
Bob Hicok
More updraft than uplift You can never step into the same not going home again twice Excerpts from the healing arts Two excursions from a phrase
Megan Falley
Beast of Burden Native vs. Native I Gave Her My Heart But She Wanted My Soul The Honest House
Kirsty Logan
you should grow your eyebrows this is my religion
John Findura
To Your Bisexuality Invisible Ink
Steven Karl
Dear grapefruit,
Molly Gaudry
Nate Pritts
Emergency Postcard to J.F. Emergency Postcard to A.O. Emergency Postcard to L.R.
Prathna Lor
Mannerisms Crooning Docile
Robert Krut
Hold Me, the Walls are Falling The Sky’s Teeth, the Letter’s Ink
Rickey Laurentiis
What I Hear in Your Eyes Black Iris
Rachel Contreni Flynn
Company Plane Treats of All Kinds Coat Red Bird Story
Tony Mancus
xxix How It Stops Going Up Into
Metta Sama
Impenetrable, Porous Whatever Beauty
Nick Ripatrazone
Fort Bragg Refund

Grocery List

Roxane Gay
Blake Butler
Kyle Minor