Volume 3, May 2011



Anna Journey
Open House Girl with a Rolypoly Bug Tatoo on Her Elbow There’s Another Forest Growing in the Water
Jessica Goodfellow
Still Life in My Garage Night View from the Back of a Taxi The Book of the Edge Other People’s Lives
Jonterri Gadson
Nicholas Beaumont
In Memoriam
Kelly Boyker
Dumbfuck Bunny Real Country Dark
Parker Tettleton
It’s always cold in the closet You shouldn’t wear a cat
Jehanne Dubrow
Vinegar Aphrodisiac Just Say No As Seen on TV
Trey Jordan Harris
Now That We Are Married Because We Are Married Nap When We Are Married
Robert Kloss
excerpt from The Alligators of Abraham
Cindy Savett
before the collapse
Andrea Kneeland
All of My Never Done Things Invocation Shipyard Mechanics
Drew Kalbach
New Flavor Picked A Cell
Donora Hillard
Jeff Bridges Gift Ceremony
Aricka Foreman
Like the Rain, Smell It Coming Dig Made Mostly of Water Beneath
Hilary King
Roberto Montes
Everyone is Approximately Everyone Else
Sean L. Corbin
On Football
Dana Guthrie Martin
from Toward What Is Awful
Derrick Weston Brown
Ocean Vuong
Self-Portrait as Jeffrey Dahmer

Grocery List

Michael Martone
Kirsty Logan
Ghangbin Kim