Volume 4, October 2011



Quinn Latimer
Against Night
L. Lamar Wilson
Resurrection Sunday
Dé Lana R.A. Dameron
Cerebral Beetle
Anne Shaw
In Motion Raveling
Mark DeCarteret
next to this country
Patricia Smith
Finding His Fist Ghost of Biology
J. Bradley
Norman Bates Practices Pitching Woo Cover Me In Rag And Bones The National Guard Will See You Now
Lillian Yvonne Bertram
Strip District Eclogue Clinical Therapy Sometimes I ask to be bound
Brittany Cavallaro
Pax, Fortuna, Salus
MRB Chelko
from M a n h a t t a t i o n s
Megan Moriarty
Don’t Worry, My Dreary Deary What if This Were the Title? Grammar Lesson
Emily Pettit
After Calming Down You Have an Old Feeling You Keep Asking What I Want and I Don’t Know What I Want
Caroline Crew
The Bath in English, there is no primary verb for “speaking the truth”
Keetje Kuipers
Five Women Ending in a Flower What I Thought Then
David Greenspan
optimism, circa the early to mid ’90’s
Carmen Marin
Stars playing with
Kenyatta Rogers
Alpha-Bits Before I left this last time
Julie Lechevsky
Garden Manifesto
Alicia Gomez
Small Room
Jeremy Halinen
The Dead Girls with Long Hair

Grocery List

Evie Shockley
Claire van der Plas
Julie Lechevsky