Volume 5, March 2012



Marcus Wicker
The Light Something Like Sleep I remember the scene in that movie
Elizabeth Drewry
Kinky To Get to the Farm Selling The Land
Christopher Prewitt
Painting My Skull Does the Cow Give Milk
Anhvu Buchanan
Walking the Dog First Encounters
Sara Eliza Johnson
The Soporific Well Grief The Lighthouse Keeper The Drowned Come Back in Spring
A. Minetta Gould
:: :: Anon Greener
Carol Dorf
Justin Boening
Pig in Steer Country
Brittany Perham
Ambulance Family Portrait: ICU
Diana Khoi Nguyen
Deaf Basketball Tournament What the Seeing One Told
Kelly Davio
A Ripeness, A Bruising
Nate Marshall
Rahm’s first word
Derrick Austin
Having a Rum and Coke with You Elegy in Florida Vermeer’s Woman Holding a Balance
Ray Gonzalez
Axis If The Dog Should Explode At Ground Level
Kendra DeColo
The Guitarist (Wes Montgomery & James Clay, Hollywood 1958) Barnacle
Wendy Xu
Please Stand A While Longer In The Vast, Amazing Dark We Are Both Sure To Die
Rachel McKibbens
Maureen Alsop
Krista Franklin
S(l)ide Show: Attraction/Repulsion
Keli Stewart
a poem for miss mary mack,
coming down the street like janie starks
Jameson Fitzpatrick
Autoerotic Of Course the Moon is Full New York in August
Saeed Jones
Closet of Red After Last Light Hour Between Dog & Wolf