Volume 6, July 2012



Christina Collins
The Separation Cartoon Logic as children we went skating
Jennifer Schomburg Kanke
Late Night Creature Feature You, Motorcycle.
Me, Mini-Van.
Emmalea Russo
into a snowy egret in southern louisiana
Nick McRae
The Emigrant’s Son
Rob Kenagy
American Prayer — July 4, 2011 It’s Hard For Me To Think Of My Heart As Anything
Erica Wright
Insurance of the Future Trespassing No Fishies for You Tonight
Danez Smith
a failed attempt at creation the poet wakes up to find his dick leaving
Curtis Perdue
I Have a Voice Somewhere Far Off and Waiting
Megan Williams
Self-Performance with Gorgeous Insecurity Emergent Evolution
Brandon Courtney
The Grief Muscles Baptized by Windburn
Bernd Sauermann
from Diesel Generator
Serena Chopra
from Livid Season
Jean-Paul Pecqueur
Crown of Ruby, Hair of Gold Whatever, Verbatim
Donika Ross
Love Poem: Minotaur Sonnet in which only one bird appears
Tony Mancus
from Same in the afterlife
Chris Emslie
Rebecca Hazelton
Make Good Self Portrait as Thing in the Forest In the Garden Before They Were Animals
Karrie Waarala
How to Be the Sole Woman Working in a Tattoo Shop How to Be a Soft Place to Land
Alec Hershman
Michael Schmeltzer
Robert Ostrom
Distress in this Cautionary Tale is Dirt on the Lips I Hereby Declare You Island of Dogs
Carol Berg
After The Ornithologist Beholds Plate 9 Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Archilochus Colubris, Writes A Love Poem To James John Audubon


Robert Kloss
The Birth of the Monster
Kristina Marie Darling