Volume 8, August 2013



Jericho Brown
Jen Coleman
The Fires of 2010
Annah Browning
Traci Brimhall
Incomplete Address To The Lord
Jacob Sunderlin
[Did you ever ask the oatmeal questions when your] [No easy way to say this, but I grew up in a house] [I have stopped painting out of spite, Hank Williams.]
Katy Gunn
Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah meet at the Four Corners, the heart of the American Southwest. Nevada craftsman Greg Drinkwine uses ancient techniques to carve historically accurate frames. These replace damaged originals in museums.
Tafisha Edwards
Browngirl Workweek Reprieve
Kevin McLellan and Derek Pollard
Elaina M. Ellis
Thoughts on Joy or 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me
Jay Deshpande
Dream of Disconsolate Strangers Tracing
John Fenlon Hogan
Lyric Deposition My King Righteous
Nicole Higgins
Blue Swell
Angela Voras-Hills
Encourage Birds but I to you of a white goat If December
Robert Krut
The Sun and the Octopus Tattoo
Derrick Mund
(Another) After Creeley.
Miles Walser
Sarah Stanton
Qiantang River
Christina Olivares
Coming to Bed
Justin Bond
Stiff Upper Lip
Allyson Paty
No Auspice
Malika Booker
Morgan Parker
I’m Not Like the King of Black People