Volume 9, November 2013



Denise Duhamel and Maureen Seaton
Olive Oyl On: Spaceships and Boyfriends Olive Oyl On: Breasts and Babies
Janice N. Harrington
Fractures Bound
Jaydn DeWald
Morning Palette
Tommye Blount
The House
Marc Paltrineri
Giant Sonnet What Is It Here Lies the Xylophone of Her Unheard Solitude Outside It’s the Theme of the Desert Rising
Julia Guez
Still Life with Extreme Weather Paraphrase Mid-Way Through What Has Been Called A Movement
Steven D Schroeder
Kyla Marshell
Robert Whitehead
Beheading What Sharpness Is The Sway, and This [ * ]
Cynthia Marie Hoffman
[Before my grandmother is admitted] [At the Magnolia Place boarding home, my grandmother] [In this death, a house]
Jesse Mack
three poems
Amber Atiya
"the last dragon"
Perry Janes
Field Notes from The Future: Confessions Field Notes from The Future: Conclusions
Ross Robbins
Metal Hair / Steel Medusa Dream Song Imitation #14
Wendy Chin-Tanner
On Truth In a Nonmoral Sense
Jeremy Bass
Laura Swearingen-Steadwell
Sakura the dead black girl doesn’t care
Jessica Morey-Collins
Mediation Letter Home
Curtis Rogers
Meet me on the ice floes after class White suitcase with tin hasps
Heather Cox
Girl in the Garden This town’s motto is drink now, repent later.
Meghan Privitello
We Are All Comfortable Here Portrait of the Artist as a Trash Can Golden Ratio
Wesley Rothman
Trumpethead SAMO© Blues The Invention of Clock Theory
Ruth Awad
The Green Line The Bride of the South


Dennis James Sweeney
A cross, nestled Me and Darlene sprawled Fire has always been the same
Janey Smith
Three Reports on Loneliness in High-Rise Apartments
Alana I. Capria
from The Cells
Sam Martone
The Cave at the Base of the Volcano The Village of Stockenbarrel